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76, male, Single

Northolt, United Kingdom

I'm essentially seeking a long term, loving relationship with a lady, within the Greater London area, who enjoys similar interests but particularly that of making music. However, she must be able to sing and, ideally, play an instrument (although not essential).I've been away from the music scene for many years but now wish to form an 'up-market' duo to occasionally perform within the Greater London area. I've some experience performing solo, and as part of a duo, at music clubs and had a paid solo residency with a very large pub and restaurant on the south coast for nearly four months I can forward a demo tracks as a duo if interested.I have no formal music training and cannot sight read but have extremely good relative pitch and a comprehensive understand of harmony. I sing and play classical guitar to a reasonable standard and am considering learning keyboards (I used to play a piano-accordion, so should be easily able to adapt); I arrange and compose and am interested collaborating on new songs, etc.I'm 72, 5' 8", 71kg, privately educated, currently single without any relationship commitments whatsoever, totally monogamous and very fit; I would expect my partner to be equally fit. Not being of a retiring nature, I'm developing a very small business that I intend running from home but that does not currently make any particular demands on my time.From a musical point of view, my ideal partner should be interested in singing/playing all forms and styles of music, (with the exception of Punk Rock and Rap :-)...) and be interested in assisting with the production of demos, new material, etc. She should have a keen ear for harmony with very good relative pitch (perfect pitch is not essential, nor is any form of musical training required). She should be of slim to medium build (not overweight), dress elegantly, have good stage presence.

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40, female, Single

Lublin, Poland

I have just completed the long toxic relationship and moved out from London to Wroclaw. I'm not looking for love or a life partner I am looking for friendship and soulmate. Friends say about me : nice , crazy , full of positive energy. I love to dive because it feels like home , I love to dance because then I forget about the whole world:) Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. :)Actions speak louder than words :)

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29, female, Single

Eastford, United States

I had Skype and chat love fun. Take u out eat, movie cuddle had fun. Take party club bar I want hangout. I love out camping date and I don't like drama.

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33, male, It's Complicated

Lanesboro, United States

I love playing soccer and watching sports. Hang out with friends have a beer and talk about different agendas. I love music, go to the club and party

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29, male, Single

Garcia Cadena, Colombia

Hey!I'm a 22 (almost 23) y.o. student from Colombia. I'm quite laidback and fun. Good listener and thinker are two adjectives that describe me well. I'm quite sociable and friendly once you break the shell (means once I feel comfortable with you)... I have a sarcastic sense of Humour, I treat people as friends really quickly, -and I'm aware that, for some people, that's not a good thing-, but you can believe me that it's 100% genuine. If I don't like you, I won't even talk to you. So, if I seem too friendly it means I find you nice :)Well,I don't really know what else could I say. Actually, I'm much more creative in real. I guess it's just a bit weird to sit and write a description that "might sell a cool image of me".To make it simpler, I'm just going to list some facts about me:- I love Languages, I can fluently speak Spanish (native), English, French and German. And I have learnt some basic Norwegian.- I'm the oldest of three "kids", so I'd say I kind of have a paternal instinct.- Unlike many Colombians/latinos, I can't dance more than the basic steps of Salsa and other Latin dances (sorry if I dissappointed you at this point :l )- I have two cats.- Other than learning and teaching Languages, another passion of mine is writting.- I have very few friends since I don't trust people that easily but I'm someone quite trustworthy (although I guess that's for you to decide)- I can cook and enjoy doing it.-Jogging, swimming, and working out.- I've never cheated on someone.- I like watching series or movies although a beer or a club night is cool from time to time.- I also work independiently, I'm a freelancer tourist guide.- I lived one year in Germany. If you want to know more about me, or found we have common interests, then you should write to me!

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