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37, female, Single

Kings Bay, United States

Am woman with cool emotions and a good personal behaviors hoping to meet the same peoples in life to make or bring peace and joy.Am also optimistic and a brave woman who likes to encourage the depressed and loved ones personals for them to also that some one out there also loves

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47, male, Divorced

Bremen, United States

I'm an educated individual that’s been fortunate to grow up around a loving family and friends and have the experiences, battle scars, and memories to boot. I can be a mix of both old and new. I enjoy routines at times and am happy to shake up the routine or go far afield for a new adventure. Family is important to me. I strongly believe in service to other persons or causes. I believe life is about exploring the avenues you cross. I also firmly believe that knowing and being happy with oneself is the best foundation for giving to others.

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63, male, Widowed

Glencoe, United States

I'm Maj. Gen. Achilles A. Caerus. U.S Army on duty post in Iraqi Baghdad on peacekeeping mission. I am also responsible for deploying, redeploying, reintegrating, and training Soldiers for all aspects of combat service support to include command and control, resourcing, logistics planning, training, and risk management. I have been here for eight months now. I have a daughter called Agora; she is just 16 year’s old schooling in the United State Of American, Massachusetts. I lost my wife on cancer of the Brain FOUR years ago; i have just though about all this by having a relationship. I want to find the faithful and understanding woman, a woman that's ready for a serious relationship. I am interested in meeting a special woman who has life experience behind her. Someone that has the ability to know who they are and yet be gently and loving. I would like someone who is as active as what we both would want to be and enjoys travelling and boating and skiing and the intimacy that can only be shared between two people who love each other.

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61, male, Divorced

Jonesville, United States

My name is Lieutenant General tony willson , was born in New York in United States of America in the year 1961 is 52 Jahr NOW ago, Am 6.10ft, weight 90kg, I do not smoke nor drank alcohol, my parents have dead, my wife is not shopping, I have no sister, brother or child, alone and without the state'm just rip any woman from me and my wife go Aside way. My job has kept me busy the fact that I almost did not have at the moment Time to relax and made me good air one partner. I have been published in many countries for nearly 30 years and has worked so many for Organizations. But right now I'm working for the UN envoy like a director on drugs and crime in Syria. But I would like to retire in a few weeks is why I joined to a dating site to see if I would get to know a good and kind woman who is not surface integrity and take, emotional maturity and sense of humor one Someone tail ready is not ser para con un friendly Good Man para a friendship a version that would come out of it, I'll go to Cara Cara Verla me when Jubilee, we need to start with an open mind and have faith that we will service one good friends, then see the next thing would come out of friendship.

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74, male, Divorced

Orange, United States

I am in search of a soul mate that is on a path of Self-Realization . Meditation and contemplation are very important to me and the pathway to Self-Realization. To know the truth about the TRUTH.Experiencing the “TRUTH” is accomplished thru meditation, in the silence. Mystics that have experienced the “TRUTH” find it impossible to express that experience in words. It is an ineffable experience. This is because the things of God are foolishness to man (ego) and the things of man are foolishness to God. The two never meet or never mix. Their nature is 180 degrees apart. God or Universe or Immortality or Awareness or Consciousness is Spiritual, Infinite, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient. Man (mortal sense) is finite, limited (especially the senses, only 5 senses, which are themselves are always changing even from day to day, consist of duality, good/bad, health/sickness, birth/death, love/hate(fear).About 25 years ago, I left the corporate world to experience a simpler more fulfilling life. I believe in integrity, truth and honest communication and I expect the same in return. I am easy to get along with and non-judgmental. I care about others and enjoy being of service to others, which has brought me into the healing arts profession. I enjoy telling jokes and laughing a lot. I love holding hands, long passionate kisses, and frequent displays of affection. In the physicaL sense I enjoy being outdoors, enjoying the beauty of nature, playing sports, hiking up in the Red Rocks of Sedona and rappelling down, gardening or just a long walk. I enjoy music, dancing, movies and traveling. I enjoy watching baseball and occasionally going to Phoenix to watch a game. I am strong physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am a passionate romantic. I have a lot to offer that special woman.

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