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Rush Green, United Kingdom

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Welling, United Kingdom

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London Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom

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38, male, Single

Dublin, Ireland

Hey, I just came across this website now and thought I would sign up and see if I can hopefully meet a nice, genuine girl and see how things go!

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39, male, Single

Belhaven, United States

“The limit of my love is similar to that of Pi, if you choose to truncate it you will only part of the answer, if you choose to see it in its entirety you will be amazed its beauty” – written by me"When does the sun shine? The answer is simple, it always does, we are not always within it's reach." - written by meI have many interests from generally introverted activities such as writing to more extroverted things like karaoke. I'm working towards becoming a Peer Specialist and I live in the Bronx. I have a huge heart and give as much as I can to others. I run a meetup group for the shy and socially anxious.I'm out at least 4 times a week hanging out with friends and constantly working on myself. Thanks so much for reading my profile! :)

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39, female, Single

Tracy, California, San Joaquin, United States

I'm very family oriented, people tell me I'm always smiling, and I really like that this is how people see me. I cook, do crafts sometimes, and work in the education special field. I am improving my ASL skills, so defintely hope to meet someone that I can chat and sign with. I just want to find new friends that like to enjoy life and laughter. I try to face challenges head on, and there's much more to my story. Please ask if you want to know!

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66, male, Divorced

Yesan Taung, Myanmar

I’m a young remained man, I mean this although on my ID is written a date that I not feel real about my age; and this because I care the “nature inside me” .............. Anyway the written age is 60. I am sport and Meditation, Yoga man……. I look principally about a peace and spiritual love-relationship, about peace in ourselves inside. Therefore, what I a lot estimate in a Woman is her own Humility, and this means the lac of ego (selfish) what also means identification with “NOW”, the only existing Present Moment, and this also means, in other words, absence of thoughts! I live the teaching of Eckhart Tolle, Buddha, some of Jesus and some eastern Spiritual Teachers. All this to know myself outside of mass media “education”. If you friend witth me I´ll tell you better about this, OK?I feel me full of awareness (state or ability to perceive), consciousness of the truth of life, which means honest with yourself and automatically with your partner......There is nothing to think and “understand”, this is the way of joy. The way to be one with the eternal, peaceful Natural Universal World that we are inside us ….......You like know this way to let your life growing differently? I can/wish fly to and live in south Asia.I speak English, German, and Italian........anyway, only mental, conceptual understanding is not all, they can only help us to understand their uselessness............. I am Buddhist as my choice...... My zodiacal sign is Sheep-Goat-Ram and Western sign is Aquarius. Bye for now. Yours Peps. Namaste! (Bow to you!)

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34, female, Single

Van Nuys, United States

Hello how are you doing,I'm Brenna Mitchell from Georgia in Atlanta city would really like to talk with you and get to know more about you to see where this might lead us to.You have so much qualities that have been looking for in a man and I would like to get acquainted to each other. Am here looking for a life partner for a long term relationship or master to serve and see where this will lead us to am 28 years working as waitress in restaurant that's is my job and when i sign up to dating site and you are the first man i see and i read your profile to look if we are match each other but i notice we are looking for the same things, find the right one of my life to spend the rest of my life with .I've been hurt and cheated by someone and ever since I told my granny that I will never fall in love again but she proved to me wrong by telling me that not all are not the same and there's someone out there who will love me and never hurt me so am out here looking for that right person.Am sick and tired of the heartbreaks and also being lonely.. if you see sense to what i have written so far then kindly write back sharing about yourself with me too and let make this moment to express our-self and by getting to know each other better 

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