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38, male, Single

Southampton, United Kingdom

I work as a mechanical consultant engineer in building industry. I absolutely love what I do as every day is never the same. My work involves quite a bit of travelling overseas, however it is not as glamorous as it might sound at first (although free trips are always exciting) as most of the time I am stuck in the factories testing equipment rather than enjoying the landscapes. During the working week I spend a few days in London so at the weekends I like to relax outdoors, do a bit of DYI at home or go for a walk to the parks or by the sea.As my work is quite fast pace, in order to distress I try to go for a run a few times a week. I love driving and very often end up driving around town in the evenings watching how the world goes by. I also enjoy cooking and baking as I find it quite therapeutic. During the holidays in the summer I like going to the hot places where I can chill in the sun by the pool or at the beach. I am also into skiing and I try to go skiing at least once every year.

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58, male, Widowed

Essen, Germany

I enjoy walking on the beach, around a city or on a nature trail. I also enjoy shopping at unique stores. Also I like to dance if the band is good and not too loud. I am a relationship junky and keep my friends for a lifetime.I love to ski and SCUBA dive for fun. Also would like to start dancing lessons again with a partner. I enjoy movies and like to travel.I am a spiritual person but not religious. I was raised Christian but believe there are many paths to God and the religion that you are raised in is a reflection of your culture. I welcome learning about other paths.I travel extensively in the US, Europe and Asia for my work. I like seafood restaurants and like to find piano bars to meet people and talk.

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32, female, Single

Akkyja, Kenya

Based in Kenya. Loving , loyal, honest ,kind and real. Ready to mingle and get to know someone. I am natural and not complicated. Talk to me and get to know more about me! I will try to respond to any questions I get. Thanks and all the best to all singles :)

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30, female, Single

Virbira, Philippines

other people might think wrong about me . most of all the time people can easily judge me :D but like what the others say '' dont judge the book, by its cover'' yep and thats right :DWaiting for the right man. I hopepretty i guess :P just kidding . well im not an outdoor princess girl who loves to go out in bars and some other places that so crowded , i love doing household chores , staying at house, reading books specially history books , watching tv , and listening musics . one more thing i love volleyball and archer :D care to ask me more well hit and click the word ''message''TO BE HONEST:im not a perfect person who have a silver spoon in my mouth so if someone who really are interested on me and willing to be my sugar daddy please come out im looking for you :D

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46, male, Single

Rzeszow, Poland

One thing I'm definitely not is being an alpha man. I'm shy, awkward, idealistic, solitary, disorganized, daydreaming, moody, messy, forgetful, not punctual, depressive at times, private, funny, I'm into writing, I like people who are different, "unorthodox", sort of eccentric. Looking for a soulmate and lover, heard there are many singles and introverts in Iceland, wanted to give it a try... I lived in England for 10 years working as a carer, now I'm back to my native Poland.

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