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76, male, Single

Northolt, United Kingdom

I'm essentially seeking a long term, loving relationship with a lady, within the Greater London area, who enjoys similar interests but particularly that of making music. However, she must be able to sing and, ideally, play an instrument (although not essential).I've been away from the music scene for many years but now wish to form an 'up-market' duo to occasionally perform within the Greater London area. I've some experience performing solo, and as part of a duo, at music clubs and had a paid solo residency with a very large pub and restaurant on the south coast for nearly four months I can forward a demo tracks as a duo if interested.I have no formal music training and cannot sight read but have extremely good relative pitch and a comprehensive understand of harmony. I sing and play classical guitar to a reasonable standard and am considering learning keyboards (I used to play a piano-accordion, so should be easily able to adapt); I arrange and compose and am interested collaborating on new songs, etc.I'm 72, 5' 8", 71kg, privately educated, currently single without any relationship commitments whatsoever, totally monogamous and very fit; I would expect my partner to be equally fit. Not being of a retiring nature, I'm developing a very small business that I intend running from home but that does not currently make any particular demands on my time.From a musical point of view, my ideal partner should be interested in singing/playing all forms and styles of music, (with the exception of Punk Rock and Rap :-)...) and be interested in assisting with the production of demos, new material, etc. She should have a keen ear for harmony with very good relative pitch (perfect pitch is not essential, nor is any form of musical training required). She should be of slim to medium build (not overweight), dress elegantly, have good stage presence.

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48, female, Divorced

Hyvinkaa, Finland

Im from London but live in Hyvinkää. Im looking for a relationship. Im not a one night stand person. Please dont send me any photos of your ding dong makkara! I don't know what im meant to do with those photos, LOL. Sense of humour is important to me and smiling and being open. I love ice hockey.

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52, male, Single

Sanford, United States

My name is Glyn Jones am from united state but i lives and work in Kent City London am here on dating site for a real relationship an not for a joke or a play so i really need a lady who is ready to care and love me and I'll do the same to her.....i am a cool headed and straight forward guy who is really caring........I really suck at describing myself over the computer but i will try to. This thing does ask you the right questions because it leaves you wondering what you should write here. I am an easy going person and i am a wonderful person to be around. I am one of those people that will let you have his coat and make sure that you where having fun before i would do anything else. But of course i would expect the woman to do the same things for me. Of course relationships are 50/50 and that is what i do believe in.. I like so many other people have my option about everything so i can keep a conversation going but the woman has to want it to go on as well. I do not believe in one night stands this is just wrong in my mind so do not even try it. I want a woman that when we are with each other that does not go on and on about how much she hates her job or how bad her life is. I want an upbeat girl, nice, sweet, maybe a hint of shyness, somebody who likes to be tickled, who has a nice smile, and somebody who has her head on straight. I am a sucker for flowers but not roses but something that would be creative. All of these things i have writen down are all things that also tell you things about me. Everybody is looking for the right person and to me somebody who likes 80% of the things I like is important to me. Oh and ofcourse I would like somebody who likes animals and who knows what she wants in life and who she is going to accomplish those things. Open minded, honest, caring, love to please, not afraid of public affection looking to make friends and see where it goes from there. I am single, might as well have some fun and if it leads to something more. I am

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39, female, Divorced

Elepo, Nigeria

my name is bella am so happy to met you as a friend my name id bella from London my name is bella am so happy to met you as a friend my name id bella from London my name is bella am so happy to met you as a friend my name id bella from London

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40, male, Single

London Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom

I feel strange writing about myself but ill do it this once....Im a man who knows where he's going in life. I believe what I put out into the universe seems to always come back to me. Im deep, loving, funny, strong but very gentle, hard working and well traveledI see people as people and dont judge them on wealth or power. Good or bad is how I see the world and its a formula thats working out good so far.Im very healthy and keep my body and mind strong with my very physical job in the London tunnels and yoga to top it off. Im old fashioned when it comes to being with a woman and believe that a man should protect and spoil his girl and make every day better than the last. But of course I can write anything about myself and who knows if its true. You will have to see into my eyes and find out the old fashioned way.Im waiting......

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