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London, United Kingdom

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57, male, Widowed

Bethel, United States

I'm a caring,loving,sweet kind hearted guy, an international business man. I deal on artworks, i enjoy my work a lot as you may know that one of the secret of success is "liking what you do as a job".I am here to seek a true love, it took me a long time to agree to a friend's request to sign up here and i hope it will prove fruitful somehow.I seek for a woman with the heart of a mother, someone that believes in what the future holds thereby building it with the man of her life. Age or distance is never a problem for me because i believe in seeing people from the inside and the world itself can become a small village when two heart walks alike.

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42, male, Single

Kabul, Afghanistan

Hi This is an engineer working for an international organization. I am not perfect but good. Financially I am in good position; my annual income is about USD.100,000; I am a normal person, don’t smock and don’t drink. All types of disease free romantic person who like jocks, want to laugh and somehow funny. In my selection I don’t care about race, nation and religion. I respect everybody, and I love everybody as human. I do feel very alone, I hardly need somebody, to share my thoughts with, to love her to respect her, to just try for keeping her happy. I want a lady to be with me, live for me and think/care about me. I want somebody to feel my attention to her, to feel how much I would love her, and to feel how much she would worth to me. I am looking for a very honest person. I dreams about a person who think that friendship or marriage is a need of sole, who believes that Adam even could not live alone without Have in Haven. I am looking for somebody who cares about her personal life and keep the balance between personal life and career. The person who has time for me, and to find the beauty of creature in her eyes. The person, who follows me in my dreams. and when I am awake to be in my arms. Age is not must but I would prefer from 18 to 60. If anybody is interested reply me with your details and a picture please. I don’t want to select you due to your picture, as we never select friends for how they look like but we select friend for whom they are. I believe on internal beauty and attitude. Should be remember, and I would request you that, please no time waster, no internet robbers. I just seek for series friendship which leads us to a successful marriage, hopefully. Good luck

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29, female, Single

Raleigh, United States

I am Luxerina the fabulous beauty who loves to be treated like a princess queen I'm a very beautiful talented women who is looking to be loved and have a good relationship and NO bull I really love anime, manga, video games, Gyaru fashion and Japanese culture My hobbies are drawing, journaling, shopping, and blogging I like to hang out with my friends go to new events, also like meeting new people and traveling My goals in the future is to be an international supermodel, go to countries like living in japan and also being an famous manga/illustratorI live in NY and I'm engertic, bubbly, confident gal and I love to have fun and make good memories

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28, female, Single

Cedar Point, United States

I've always been someone who looks 'too deep into something or someone...that's because I realized from a young age that there's always more than what meets the eyes. I am from New York City, but presently live with my Aunt in Florida USA. I'm a student, studying International communication. I have giving life a much concentration and refused to give up in life despite all i have been through. I don't ike negative people around me. I am neither a christian nor Muslim or peggan, sorry not my fault i was never introduced to any religion but i was trained to love and respect people and be kind. that is all i can say for now, you will know much about me if you find me.

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39, male, Single

Peney, Switzerland


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