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36, male, Single

London, United Kingdom

From London UK flying to Reykjavic for a weekend soon, looking for some company x

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29, male, Single

Kalainin at, Kenya

Me; Perfectionist, Detailed, Extremely clear about what i want in life, immense passion for life, Am a Pharmacist ( Pharm D), also inventor with 11 items on waiting list , currently, working on private game park in Africa(Kenya) with the big 5, make best of daily life. Okay More me; black shoes, shirts only( i never wear a t shirt unless on very limited specific occasions), watch (i am never without a watch unless showering or sleeping) i love Paris, I love London and I love Italy. Joel Osteen and Oh, I take 2 hours to dress if i have the time. I am praying for a Dentist God worshiping lovely beautiful wife

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42, male, Single

London, United Kingdom

Hello, I am Ashley. Pleased to meet you. I am new to this site so I am still figuring things out. Ok so the things that could matter - I am a black african, 35 year s old living and working in London - I travel a lot so it would be nice to travel with someone special. I am very open minded and look for the same in a woman - she has to be smart, presentable with a good heart. I have to say that I am tired of hot shallow women in my life so I'm hoping this site is different - this is certainly different for me.

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54, male, Single

London, United Kingdom

Easy going, active person, guitar player into Jazz-psyche, funk, fusion, bossa, latin, reggae, ska, 60's, 70's, punk and anything else worth having!I am from London but used to live in Brazil and speak Portuguese as well as English (my mother tongue). I'm a pretty good cook, keen cyclist and have been playing guitar for a good part of my life. I have a sound record collection too and live in my own pad with my cat in Hackney, London. I'm looking for a girl who won't be annoyed with guitar practices; likes records being played rather than TV; likes going to gigs. If you play an instrument, lets have fun but no competitiveness stuff please!

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52, male, Widowed

Banner Elk, United States

Roy is my name and am in my mid 40s, looking for a good friendship (fundamentally, a full British citizen), I work with the LLOYD BANK UK (Master in Accountant.) in London (alongside run a small-sized successful company related to construction engineering in Wales, which is in its formative year!). Regarding my hobbies, I am much obsessed with antiques and vintage cars, lover of classical western music and an untrained drummer myself. I paint & sketch. Caricature, Poster Designing and Captioning too include my hobbies. I cook too. My motto in life has always been Carpe diem (seize the day). I like to keep things simple, forget the frills and savour the moment is what I say! I strongly believe that you get what you give out into the universe - be it bad or be it good. Am independent and enterprising career man yet likes the traditional and passionate side of things. My greatest strength in life is my mind of which I am very confident! Often fascinate at the marvel of this great organ our Creator gifted us!

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