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62, male, Divorced

Silver Cliff, United States

Who am I? . . . I would describe myself as stable in my career and goal-oriented. I enjoy making people laugh. I am intelligent and can carry on meaningful conversations. I care about other people's feelings. . . When I'm with someone special I like being spontaneous, adventurous, romantic, surprising them with little gestures, sensual, playful, and basically having a great time. Someone to laugh with, hang out with, be spontaneous with, and have fun with. I'm looking for someone who has similar qualities and desires someone who they can connect with . . .I feel there has to be mutual physical attraction for there to be good chemistry between two people. So being fit and having good looks are important, as well as sensuality and affection. Having some similar interests is very important, also.Some things that I enjoy are: dining, watching movies, traveling, skiing, scuba diving, going on day trips to local attractions and basically having a blast together. . . If you are still reading this, then you know what to do from here!Who i want to meetI am looking for the following: A strong feminine woman. One that knows what she wants and gets it without the drama. Who is willing to challenge me creatively and intellectually. Who is not a push over (a little stubborn is just fine. Self assured, creative, able to laugh at herself and cry with others. A woman who is comfortable in any situation. Who is willing to challenge me both creatively and intellectually. She must be able to succumb to a passion driven latino. I may not appear the type but I treat women with old fashioned respect (open doors, stand when a lady enters a room, etc.)

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29, male, Single

Middletown, United States

HI, I am a young man from California, USA who is of Scandinavian decent (Swedish) who is curious to find someone from my ancestral homeland. Feel free to message me :)

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47, male, Single

Rzeszow, Poland

One thing I'm definitely not is being an alpha man. I'm shy, awkward, idealistic, solitary, disorganized, daydreaming, moody, messy, forgetful, not punctual, depressive at times, private, funny, I'm into writing, I like people who are different, "unorthodox", sort of eccentric. Looking for a soulmate and lover, heard there are many singles and introverts in Iceland, wanted to give it a try... I lived in England for 10 years working as a carer, now I'm back to my native Poland.

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49, male, Single

Aoubellil, Algeria

hello girls I am shopping I live in Algeria singles I am looking for serious relationships and friendships with girls very nice typical Canadian americainnes European I like the computer has internet televisions travels through the worlds of music americainnes beautiful jaime americainnes Annèe the 70 cars muscle car dodge jaime americainnes Annèe 70 chevrolet impala 1967 kansas jaime the series americainnes the talks jerry shaw americainnes springers shows chicago

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33, female, Single

Akkyja, Kenya

Based in Kenya. Loving , loyal, honest ,kind and real. Ready to mingle and get to know someone. I am natural and not complicated. Talk to me and get to know more about me! I will try to respond to any questions I get. Thanks and all the best to all singles :)

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