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38, female, Single

Chesterton, United States

My name is JENNIFER. If you message me, please call me Jennifer and not honey, or cutie, or anything else that is not Jennifer. Thanks, I'm just really not a pet name person.I am passionate about my faith and It is very important to me to be involved in my church community. I'm also passionate about art. I paint with oil, and I draw with charcoal and pastels. I love animals too. I have two cats, June and July (I got them in winter and they were my little burst of sunshine - yes I am that girly ;-P) .When it comes to dating, I'm looking for a Christian guy. I will not budge on that. My faith is important to me and a large part of my life, and I want to share that with my partner.Let see, what else is there to know about me... I love to have fun, and will try almost anything as long as its legal -or If I have a fighting chance of getting away with it - j/k ;-) .My love languages are for the most part words of affirmation and quality time (if you have no clue what I mean, google it, the info's really easy to find).I love to look up random quotesI cry over happy commercials and random acts of kindness.Most of my friends say I have a young innocent spirit.It's not that I haven't experienced some life, I just try not to let it Jade me.I like to laugh, I like to have fun, and I like to smile.I'm an artist :o) . Most people who know me would say for the most part, I'm a chipper person. But be forewarned people have also described my art as dark. I use art to express emotion about things I've seen and/or experienced in life, and life isn't always cotton candy and thorn-less roses. So some of my art expresses love and/or hope, and some expresses pain.

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29, male, Single

Topeka, United States

I was born and raised in Texas, currently living in Indiana. Will be moving to Indianapolis in March. I am a Psychology major graduating with Bachelors in September at the top of my class with a 4.0 GPA. I enjoy the outdoors such as fishing, swimming, camping and shooting guns. I am planning on attending college in Indianapolis for my Masters in Psychology. I am a active Christian as I am an ordained pastor. I want to find that one woman that I can marry and live the rest of my life with, and to raise a family with.

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53, male, Single

Westport Island, United States

Am open, sensual, kind, gentle, romantic... a different woman a very family oriented, sensitive and tender person, I want to give all of my tenderness and care to my special woman, I enjoy nature, seeing the stars at night, listening to the sounds of nature, being near the water, swimming, as I love the ocean and sea, I like traveling, diving, dancing, drawing,skating and bowling, billiards, I enjoy music so much, Blues, classical and modern. I am very understanding, open minded with a heart of forgiving, loving and caring with sense of humor, hard working with cheerful character, honest,sincere, kind, warm and intelligent with good looks. People can't believe it when they see my photographs because I look like my dad, I am a guy that like running on Saturdays. I was raised with a strike Christian background and taught from a young age to always respect myself and other people and learn how to give mutual respect to my man. I still maintain this value wherever I go, my favorite food are Sea Foods, Bacon, Egg, Plantain, meats, Fruits, And I eats plenty of Fruits and Vegetable, I also do like to eat French Pizza and Pasta, I never speak negatively about people, I take less and listen more to people and do not jump into other people's affair., I have fully decided to be a role Model to my wife, But I don't want to mess myself with the wrong woman. Basically I decided to settle with a nice, good loving and caring woman.

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60, male, Widowed

Fortson, United States

 I also love photography and art. I lived alone, so that I am now good for six years, although it was not so easy. I admit that living alone can be very desperate, so I decided it was time to make a change in my life. Thus, I decided to look up to find a very special person, which I think you might be one. that one day could be my best friend, lover and partner in life. I'm just confident, courageous, caringand reliable, and yes, I am a believer, I am a Christian and I believe in God and humanity.

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54, male, Single

Fort Snelling, United States

I am divorced but I am a romantic I love life I'm a Christian I love the beach I love to do dinner ,movies ,cuddling on the couch just being with the person that I enjoyed being with

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