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60, male, Widowed

Raleigh, United States

My dream date would be cuddling, kissing, squeezing and holding my partner, plant flower in our garden together, laugh at someone together because I believe we're one and we should share samething together.My Hobbies: reading new papers, watching tv,listening to music ,Sport, Particularly Swimming, Traveling , Religious, Roman Catholic my plans for my future to find a woman and settled down Etc

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45, female, Single

Abaezi, Nigeria

Hello... I am an ordinary and normal guy that live in a healthy balance life. I am a Catholic and live with norms but also realistic. I believe ever

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47, male, Single

Salem, United States

Hi I,m new to this site. I wanted to try it and see what would happen. if i meet someone great, if not oh well i will just have to enjoy the single life :). i do believe in long distance relationships. They will work if the two people care about each other. i believe if someone can fly or drive to an exotic location to look at some building or landscape then they should have that same desire to meet someone outside of their city limits or someone outside the country. Only a fool would complain about distance and age!!. When someone decent and respectable comes into your life, look closely, because God put them there in front of you to see! I am self employed and i love it .! I am very reliable. i do not play games with peoples lives. i am very honest , sometimes too honest ! Everyone that knows me and knows i am a good and honest person. i believe in being married for life. i am catholic . I go to my church and also participate in it. I come from a good family. I live a healthy lifestyle , (no junk foods). I like to have a glass of beer or red wine with my supper. I do not smoke . I have great respect for some people and little for alot !. i have a great sense of humor , i hope you do too. Some days i can be shy,and some days you can,t shut me up :).. I want the best for you so please wish the best for me . thank you . i would really like to hear from you. Happy trails :)

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46, female, Single

North Hollywood, California, Los Angeles, United States

Genuine, witty (so I've been told), kind-hearted and sensitive lady, youthful in appearance/spirit combined with "old soul" sensibilities especially when it comes to spirituality. Looking for a heart connection with a gentleman between the ages of 40-50, ethnicity open. I would like a match that complements me spiritually and intellectually on a heart and soul level and wants exclusivity and loving for the long-term. I enjoy intellectual pursuits (learning about science/health topics), metaphysics, spirituality, dancing, nature/outdoors (beach, hikes) so looking for similar. Hoping to meet a kind man first of all who is empathic like me, romantic, a giver, good humored, good with handling adversity, who initiates fun, unique, and romantic dates. I have a strong faith in God, angels, etc. and enjoy discussing metaphysics because of miracles and blessings in my life. I would prefer to date someone who shares the same belief (not atheist or agnostic). I myself was raised Catholic but I'm more spiritual than religious, although I enjoy learning about different traditions. I have medical conditions (CFS, chemical sensitivities) so my future date would have to be understanding and flexible to do low-key activities/dates (dinner, outdoors to mitigate exposures) and occasionally more social ones with safety in mind (maybe outdoor festivals, farmer's markets, outdoor entertainment, dancing). Nonsmoker and nondrinker or light drinker. A plus if you yourself have a chronic/medical condition, familiar with CFS/chemical sensitivities, and/or have taken care of someone with medical conditions. Prefer college educated or more. I was a chemistry major, anthropology minor and worked in various areas of science (teaching, testing). I was a caregiver for my mother with Alzheimer's until she passed as well as a few other patients with MS or TBI. I have a soft spot for the vulnerable. I love dancing (hip hop, Latin); I teach a bit of Zumba on the side and do Savate (French Kickboxing) or Muay Thai as my body permits. I am currently developing a business (science labs for older adults) to stave the onset of dementia along with working to get a few things published and developing/building my knowledge in science/leadership through fellowships and grad school (public health, cog psych, medical anthropology). I will make room for a heart connection with the right man.

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54, male, Divorced

Raleigh, United States

I am an honest optimistic person who believes in the bright side of adark and gloomy day! I love to laugh and smile! I love to sing karaoke and Ihave a good voice I have been told. I love to cook and I have spent severalyears as a cook and a soul chef I am very passionate in all that I do!! Fromcooking to love making!! I am a catholic and I practice my religion becausewhen "GOD" calls you can't hang up and I want to be ready for thatday! So a good prayer will help me on my way! I try to see the good in allpeople and when I am around someone who is not of my liking or of my yoke Ilimit My time with them. I try to hang around people who will get me where Ineed to go. Positive people and positive surroundings is the answer to all of myproblems so "SMILE AND THE WORLD SMILES BACK!!!!I would love to meet awomen who is loving, caring who has a positive attitude. who loves to laugh,hug, hold and who is passionate like me she must be pretty and has no emotionalbaggage I don't need a dark cloud in my sunny ways.

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