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29, male, Single

London, United Kingdom

Clearly i'm an actor. I've just moved to London permanently to focus on finding work. I prefer to work with children doing T.I.E and other children's theatre.I'm pretty shy off-stage.I love Pizza and Ice Cream. Preferably Ben & Jerry cookie dough but I mean if i'm desperate i'll take anything.I would love to travel. Hopefully i'll be on tour in Italy next year so i'll be able to explore there. But my next destination will be Amsterdam. I've wanted to go for years.I love to play sports too although finding the time is pretty difficult lately. But football and tennis when I can find the time.

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57, male, Divorced

London, United Kingdom

Hi Iam looking for a fantastic travel companion all expenses paid Iam going for 2 weeks to the Maldives St Regis it is best in Maldives then I plan to go to a Safari in Africa,and then on Rovos train from Cape Town to Dar salam it should be great fun the train journey takes about 7 days and then I want to go back to London via the Orient Express from Venice.and I have made more plans to travel even more.Think you are up to it

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34, female, Single

London, United Kingdom

Good day to you! I'm a lawyer by day, originally from a small town in Hertfordshire and currently working in a bank on the outskirts of London. I moved here a year and a half ago, it's zone 9 and about half an hour from Liverpool Street by train. It means I often end up wandering around Brick Lane/Shoreditch/Spitalfields and having a sneaky look at the vintage shops before I get my train back home after some sort of escapade into London.I lived in London for several years when I used to work in a US law firm there, and it's where my band and my friends are at so I spend a lot of time there engaging in London shenanigans. It will actually be so nice when the Tube runs all night so I don't have to run off home before the clock strikes midnight Cinderella style..Anyway transport links aside, in terms of people, I think for me I'm looking for someone who has their own interests; I think it's important. They don't need to be the same as mine (in fact one of the best bits things about meeting someone new is discovering new music that they're into, or new places to go and things to do). Otherwise I think if someone can make you laugh and you can have a proper conversation, well that goes a long way. I've got a lot of interests so I wouldn't be up for going out with someone who works in the city just because I've done that myself and I know what it's like and how little free time you have. Don't get me wrong, I love being a lawyer but I've got so many other things I want do too!Things that I want to do in life involve owning a small dog, having my own garden and seeing more of the world, I love languages and want to do more travelling. I guess my favourite thing to do is writing songs for my band and doing gigs, I really love it. I'm also always finding new things to do in London and locally I have my classical ballet and electric guitar lessons which keep me out of trouble.That is all!

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52, male, Widowed

Banner Elk, United States

Roy is my name and am in my mid 40s, looking for a good friendship (fundamentally, a full British citizen), I work with the LLOYD BANK UK (Master in Accountant.) in London (alongside run a small-sized successful company related to construction engineering in Wales, which is in its formative year!). Regarding my hobbies, I am much obsessed with antiques and vintage cars, lover of classical western music and an untrained drummer myself. I paint & sketch. Caricature, Poster Designing and Captioning too include my hobbies. I cook too. My motto in life has always been Carpe diem (seize the day). I like to keep things simple, forget the frills and savour the moment is what I say! I strongly believe that you get what you give out into the universe - be it bad or be it good. Am independent and enterprising career man yet likes the traditional and passionate side of things. My greatest strength in life is my mind of which I am very confident! Often fascinate at the marvel of this great organ our Creator gifted us!

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33, male, Single

Garliava, Lithuania

I am working as an engineer while kaunas.. I love honest and fun loving people...Looking for a sweet girl from lithuania with no matter but it depends on the time and relation waht will be in future.......I studied Engineering from London and now working in Kaunas...I love the place and people around......

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