Understanding The Word Love | Understanding The Influence Of Love In L

“ What is love: Understanding the meaning of Love”

One of the hardest questions often questioned is “what is love?” This can be a difficult question to answer because there are many different kinds of love but overall love is the feeling of wanting to meet someone as often as possible and channel affection to them. Love means accepting a person as they are, despite all their shortcomings. If you really love someone, you won't turn him into someone to your liking. Love is unconditional. In the realm of love between men and women, in it involves eye-blinding mannerisms.

Lovebetween a man and a woman is a romantic, deeply meaningful, passionate, endless love. Men and women establish personal bonds with each other that are unshakable and remain firm. Perfect satisfaction is sure to emerge, although if the couple or the relationship is far from perfect.

Apa itu cinta: Memahami arti Cinta

Evenif love seems to be based only on physical bonding, such as when men say to women “I like your beautiful eyes” or when women say to men “I love your big, burly hands”, but in fact this love more than just a physical bond. In fact, a lot of research shows that when two people love each other, they are bound by something deeper than just a physical bond.

Loveit is a choice. Youchoose to love someone as he is and how you feel towards the one he is. If you can focus on its advantages and can put aside the flaws in her (everyone has flaws), it can be said that you have fallen in love. Love involves more than just tolerance. If you want to see someone, and feel sad when away from him, then this is a sign of love. When you feel a deep feeling of love for everything else it usually appears in the marriage period.

Overall, love is a mysterious feeling. That feeling flows very profusely in you. Love inspires someone to get better. As the saying goes “Love is patience, love is hospitality”. Love is not a feeling of jealousy, anger, or greatness. People who love to speak to each other with loving and respectful language. They express feelings rather than quarrel because of those feelings. They are sad when away and very happy when they meet. People who are in love feel wistful when they meet each other. They move in a harmonious balance like dancing. In essence, love is beautiful.


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